Friday, 13 April 2012

My Daily To-do List

I've been reading a lot lately about daily chore lists and homemaking binders and organisers. It goes on and on and it feeds something within me that loves to think of things to be done. I just love lists, I think that's it. I love ticking things off lists, actually. I love making the list (high point) then I love each time I get to tick something off it(other high point).

On my daily to-do lists are usually these things:
*Make beds
*Wash up dishes
*Put a load of washing on
*Hang out washing
*Cook meal for dinner/lunch
*Wipe over bathroom sink
*Clean toilet
*Bring washing in and put away
*Tidy loungeroom

That's about it for my day, but of course there and many many things that I add to it, and I may not put the washing away that day etc. Changes are often made. Yesterday, for example, I took a bag around the house and just grabbed things I didn't want anymore. I put toys in there I was keeping out of guilt but that were taking up too much space. I put old makeup products I've been saving for years, and I even threw out creams from my medicine basket that were 4 years out of date!!! Why was I keeping them? I often sort drawers in my spare time and de-clutter benches. It's constant in a household of 4, to find things that don't belong here, there and everywhere. I remember when I was single and living in this very same apartment. I had 2 items of furniture in each room and I had NO MESS. At all. My floors were always spotless. I washed dishes as I used them. It's not like that anymore!!

I think the daily list should be the basics but have room for movement. I write a new list each day. Well as long as it's that kind of day -if I feel under the weather at all I don't need a list staring me in the face telling me I didn't do enough of my tasks. It's Saturday today and I've had a pretty productive week so I'm giving myself the day off. I may put washing away at my leisure later, but that's only because I shoved it onto the floor last night so I could crawl into bed at 8:30pm. I was exhausted. We have spiders (eek!) so I can't leave anything on the floor to tempt them (*shudder).

Make a list for your day. What will you have on it?

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