Sunday, 6 May 2012

My New Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I have been reading a lot of other blogs and getting ideas about cleaning schedules. In particular, I credit Thankful Homemaker for the ideas that finally pushed me to create my own weekly cleaning schedule. I felt revved up after reading the advice on her pages -under her "Homemaking Binder" button at the top of her pages you will find links to her morning, evening, weekly cleaning schedules and so on.

I wanted to share my own ideas here below. I am only in the first week of putting the schedule into practice, but already I can see an improvement in the cleanliness of my home. My husband also noted how fresh it seemed, as if I'd done so much more than usual. I am unsure whether I've done more or whether just by doing the main things each day as well as 1 or 2 important large cleaning jobs it made such a difference after a couple of days. I know sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees -I get so hung up on all the little jobs here and there that I may make no large difference. But anyway, this is working really well for me. I think I may add washing to every day, not just two days a week, as with 2 small children things can pile up quite quickly.

Here is my new weekly cleaning schedule:

Full kitchen clean, including cupboard doors
Wash clothes and put away
Wipe over laundry

Full clean of bathroom
Dust living room and dressers

Wash bed sheets
De-clutter living area
Mop bedroom

Wipe out fridge -outside too
Wipe out microwave
Wash clothes and put away

Mop bathroom floor again
Mop kitchen floor again

Baking, easy day

A day of rest

Of course I am still doing the daily chores along side these (like the daily wiping under my daughter's table and the kitchen floors, the bathroom sink, and de-cluttering of the loungeroom and tidying of toys) but just by having this list set out on the fridge and being able to look at it each day a few times to make sure I am up to date on what needs to be done, has been extremely helpful. I may also develop my own morning and nightly routines as described on the Thankful Homemaker site. It is such a wonderful thing, to find a list that can help you or spur you on to achieve more in your day or feel that you are being more productive. I really like my list so far. Do you do weekly cleaning schedules or similar?

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  1. Love this - thank you for sharing. What an encouragement you were to me today as I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment with the growing to do list. Remembering to just "Do the Next Thing". Blessings to you this New Year!!